Our Core Team

The Team driving the Nomad Collective

Graeme Conradie

Graeme Conradie is an adventurous individual with a penchant for exploring opportunities in multicultural and cross continental locations across the globe. He is also a startup enthusiast with a craze for technology and online businesses.

His interests in technology started in his early childhood, when his father who had the opportunity to work in the weapons defense industry in South Africa, was privy to gain access to advanced equipment not available to the public. His father often brought home non-functioning equipment which Graeme usually played with and eventually, brought home one of the first generation of computers. Graeme could not help but develop an instant love for computers, thus, beginning his journey into the world of technology.

Graeme experienced an extremely challenging situation which forced him to begin a quest into discovering more meaning to life and purpose, and as a result, in the past 6 years, he has consistently maintained a high level of success in his professional development. Testament to this is his track record of achievements replete with business growth such as starting up 12 different technology based companies in 12 months.

His esteemed enterprising aptitude, the dedication to translate theoretical knowledge to the practical level, the zeal to keep abreast with the contemporary developments in the technology sector and the proclivity to develop professionally are his greatest strengths. His constant study into advanced technological trends has always kept him affront in the industry.

Some of his professional accomplishments include the setting up of the new Constitutional Court of South Africa’s systems, and trained reputable Judges including Arthur Chaskalson, Kate O’Reagan, Pius Langa, Sachs, Goldstone and the other members of the bench.

Graeme was also a part of the team that started Business Connexion in partnership with Ben and Isaac Mophatlane. The success of this enterprise resulted in a repeat working relationship with Microsoft on several technology based projects.

Graeme has carved a lifestyle for himself with his becoming a digital nomad. His chain of internet based startups has availed him the opportunity to travel the world, connect with interesting cultures and people, and vis-a- vis developing his interpersonal and social networking skills.

His lifelong focus inside the tech industry has often given him insights on what was to come, and he has correctly made many accurate predictions. His resources were moved to the AWS cloud, long before anyone knew what the cloud was. And he was also one of the first to venture into the tenets of CryptoCurrency.

Sequel to this is him establishing some outstanding startups like Currency Projects, CryptoNet, the DNX Community and other networking platforms which have become relevant in the Global CryptoCurrency Community.

When he is not working, Graeme enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures, food, exotic wine, and often relishes outdoors.

You can see more about him:

Graeme has been active inside the CryptoCurrency space since 2012, he runs two prominent CryptoCurrency Groups inside LinkedIn:

Robert Sieger

I am a passionate servant leader that enjoys making a difference in the lives of the companies and people I support to help grow.

I enjoy teaching, coaching and mentorship because it truly can make a marvelous difference in the lives and careers of those I serve.

I am a Visionary Chief Information Officer/Senior Vice President with more than 20 years’ experience bridging business & technology through developing, deploying and evaluating IT systems aimed at improving quality & efficiency in business processes.

I take great pride in being Trusted Advisor aligning end-user needs with long-term resolutions to complex Business/IT challenges.

I have a track record of successful transformation. Designed innovative, transformative applications leading to increased overall revenue in year one by over $1.5 million.

I am known as a transformer with strong knowledge and expertise in improving organizational effectiveness through servant leadership and utilizing IT infrastructure to realize a cost savings of over 26% while enhancing performance & satisfaction by 40%.

I am an accomplished communicator skilled in building and strengthening relationships across functions to drive cohesive, strategic operations.

Shailendra Malik

A thought leader with proven experience of managing onshore/offshore development teams across variety of projects; Engaged with Startup community and Fintech Sector in Singapore and Asia on the whole. A Fintech & InsurTech evangelist & an entrepreneur at heart. I like to explore new possibilities within the existing resources and possible budgets of the organizations to achieve something unique & useful for the stakeholders.

Proven record of complex business & IT deliveries, understanding client needs, organized, equally adept with running projects by Agile methodologies and through SDLC framework. I double hat as an Agile coach for my teams.

Specialties: Agile Coach & Trainer, Program Management, Project Management, Stakeholder management, Vendor Management, Scrum Model & Waterfall framework depending on organization focus.

Strengths: Strategic thinking, execution, monitoring, problem solving, team building & mentoring.

Dr. Julie Albright

Dr. Albright has spent her career focused on the growing intersection between sociology, psychology, and technology.

Working across the disciplines of Sociology, Psychology, and Engineering – Dr. Albright’s unique approach has made her a sought-after keynote speaker on innovation and the social and psychological impacts of technology by companies like IBM, SAP, Oncor, Oracle and major energy conferences including Distributech, CS Week, DARPA, Data Center Dynamics and many others. She is a noted thought leader and media expert on the transformation of society and business by digital technologies, and the changing workforce. Dr. Albright has appeared on multiple national media interviews for the Today Show, CNN, NBC Nightly News, CBS, Dr. Phil, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Time, Newsweek and many others.

Dr. Albright has been a lecturer and research scientist at USC since 2002 in Sociology, Psychology and the Viterbi School of Engineering. She now teaches courses on the psychology of interactive media for the USC Dept. of Psychology and Sustainable Infrastructure in the Viterbi School of Engineering.

While at USC, she put her unique skills to work on the problem of energy and the newly emerging smart grid, which combines the energy infrastructure, information technology, and consumer behaviour. She co-wrote and won a $121 million Smart Grid Demonstration Grant from the Dept of Energy, in collaboration with the L.A. Dept of Water and Power, the USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI), the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) and UCLA. As the lead of the Behavioural piece, Dr. Albright assembled a cutting-edge team of professionals from Communications, Computer Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Gaming. She took a cutting edge approach to energy conservation and demand response by employing a combination of approaches including social listening through data mining, gaming and social influence strategies to change consumer energy behaviour and encourage the adoption of smart meters. Her project was the only one in the country which included a behavioural component.

Dr. Albright has served as a peer reviewer for the National Science Foundation, the Economic the Social Research Council, UK, as well as a number of professional publications, including the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Journal of Communication, Gender and Society and International Sociology.

Dr. Albright has won a number of awards for her teaching and service during her tenure at USC, and is the author of multiple book chapters and multiple peer-reviewed journal articles, most recently in Norton “Quickies” and in the Handbook of Virtuality published by Oxford University Press. She was awarded the Hugo G. Beigel Award for Outstanding Research Paper of the Year in 2010 for her Internet research.

Dr. Albright is currently working on a new book on the impacts of social – mobile – digital technologies on society, to be published by Prometheus Books Fall 2018.

She is also a contributing author for Huawei’s trade publication “ICT Insights,” published in English and Chinese and distributed in 120 countries.

Trent Clarke

Strategic digital and technology executive. I provide independent strategy analysis with a passion for alignment and execution. Currently responsible for the technology of a large corporate and its operations divisions. Past founder and managing director of a small business that grew to over 50 sites in 4 countries.

Work achievements include strategy facilitation, delivery of new business intelligence solutions, a 'top 5' iPad application, running the largest editorial system in Africa, technology renewal of the new business and policy administration systems of a large life insurance company, technical delivery at an administration company, the facilitation of a merger of two administration company teams and external examination for UCT GSB MBA.

Specialties: Business Strategy, Systems Thinking, Technology, Business Intelligence and Analytics

Aaron Krowne

Aaron Krowne is an attorney, entrepreneur and technologist based in New York, New York. He began his career as a data scientist, first at Virginia Tech (M.S., Computer Science), and then at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Beginning in the early 2000s, he launched a series of well-renowned online ventures, including PlanetMath (a precursor to Wikipedia) and ML-Implode.com (a financial news and whistleblowing site, famous for ringing the bell on the 2007 subprime mortgage and credit crisis).

He has been an open source, digital privacy and crypto-enthusiast since the early 90's, and was one of the first to recognize the revolutionary advance bitcoin represented in 2009. Today he mainly practices business law centered on technology, including blockchain and cryptocurrencies, startup ventures, intellectual property, privacy and data security, corporate law, and international law (including international tax).

For more, see www.KrowneLaw.com and Aaron on LinkedIn.

Elizabeth Lumley

For 20+ years, I have been a global specialist commentator on services, regulations, risk, data and technology in investment, retail, and global transaction banking

I am internationally recognized as one of the leading voices in FinTech and banking technology innovation. I am a well-established global conference speaker, as well as conference organizer.

Expertise includes: technology installations and market data usage at global investment banks, retail banks, institutions and exchanges as well as the emerging FinTech ecosystem of new entrants and startups.

Specialties: Business and ecosystem development. Event curation and management. Keynote speaking. Writing, reporting, editing. publication production and printing. Networking and lead generation. Investigative and online journalism and research.

Stephen DeMeulenaere

I've been active in the field of Complementary Currencies since 1991, 18 years before Bitcoin was released to the public, and entered the Bitcoin - Blockchain space once the technology was proven stable and secure and could scale to the size it is today and to what it will be in the future.

I'm a networker, leader, team player, educator and communicator. I've worked at the high end and also with bootstrapped startups. I seek to inspire and cultivate leadership potential in others, and you will see the results in the testimonials I have received (see below). My passion is to drive innovation and mainstreaming in this space and not to show off my new electric sports car.

Long before the word Bitcoin appeared, my work has been presented in "The Future of Money"​ by Bernard Lietaer, "The End of Money and the Future of Civilization"​ by Thomas Greco, in "Healthy Money, Healthy Planet"​ by Diedre Kent, in “New Money for a New World”, and “Rethinking Money: How New Currencies turn Scarcity into Prosperity” by Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne, and more.

Credentials: Founding member of New Money Systems at the Lifeboat Foundation, Academic Journal board member for over 10 years, to reviewing "Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies" for the Princeton University Press, to discussing the design of Ripple Classic before it was first coded, founding member of Bitcoins in Bali, Certified Digital Currency Professional, Graduate of University of Nicosia Course in Digital Currencies, Founder of blockchain education website Coin Academy in 2014, and much more.

There are so many great minds involved in creating a better world, and I strive to be one of them.

Dirk Mescher

'A very dedicated salesman, friend and business partner'

By being commercially active I get incredible amounts of energy by creating new markets, innovate within sales processes and keep close contacts with my clients worldwide. A personal touch, honesty and willingness to invest in a prosperous cooperation are key factors in achieving my personal and corporate goals, therefore I am always on the lookout for new opportunities to both create business and maintain personal contact.

In addition hereto I rely on my extensive sales experience in retail, e-tail and I use creativity, passion and emotional connection as my primary attributes.

Key roles I play, or have extensively played before:

- Key Account Management
- New Business Development
- Market Analysis
- International Tradefairs
- Manage Sales-Campaigns
- Contract Negotiations
- FMCG Sales

Jared Polites

The journey started in 2010. Two years as an FBI analyst, 40+ countries visited, and some solid startup experience. Dedicated to writings and reflections about entrepreneurship, life, passions, travel, and building an ideal lifestyle.

I have visited 35 countries, lived in four, and have been smart enough (not lucky enough) to dedicate my 20’s to a life balance of professional responsibility and travel. Sure, call me a “nextpat”. I take pride in it.

I urge anyone reading this to be global ambassadors next time they hear someone belittle another person’s travel story for calling a trip “amazing”. Don’t make fun of that “weird” girl from high-school that “somehow” is a world traveler. Think before throwing the term “trust-fund baby” at anyone living abroad. World travel is not exclusive, it is for everyone.

Remember the conscious sacrifices made by some of us. We don’t think we are better than anyone, really we don’t. We are always ready to help others by opening our doors, giving advice, and showing how it can be done.

George Kimionis

George studied Computer Systems Engineer at UMIST and served as a Special Forces Commando in the Army.

He has a good expertise in the creation of Financial and Trading software, having participated in large-scaled projects since day one, such as the creation of real-time Trading, Analysis and Risk-Management software for Banking & Brokerage Institutions, Anti-Money-Laundering software for Banks and Brokers, Live Results' software for the Olympic Games, Trading and Exchange software for Forex Brokers, Online Betting software for Bookmakers and Betting Exchanges, Image Processing units, Automated Task Allocation units for Universities and interactive e-learning software for handicapped people, to name a few.

George participated in the making of 4 start-up companies (co-founded 2) before his 30s and is now working passionately on his new venture.