Tokensale Bounties

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A bounty campaign is a PR event when a project is being promoted by its participants and supporters. Usually, the term “bounty campaign” is being used in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) crowdsale campaigns. Participation in such campaigns is rewarded with blockchain tokens offered for sale during an ICO. A reward fund volume for bounty campaign members is usually 1–2% of all ICO investments collected. Therefore, each user can participate in a bounty campaign and get a reward.

Our Community offers a total 2% of all tokens released during the ICO for all bounty campaigns. As a reward participants are to receive DNX tokens. Bounty campaign members, who use unfair methods, such as: spam and “artificial” Likes and Shares, are to be excluded from bounty campaigns and will not receive rewards.

How do I Join the Campaign

Getting into our Bounty Program is pretty straight forward, follow the steps and start earning your Coins !

  • Follow all our Social Media Accounts
  • Create your account inside our Platform
  • Join us inside our Chat Platform
  • Subscribe to the Bounty Program Channel
  • Browse our Network, and use the Social Share icon (bottom left) to share the page that you are on inside your social networks
  • Go to where you have shared the content, copy that link, and paste it inside the Bounty Program Channel
Pages and Articles to share:

Please spread out and share the content consistantly until the ICO has finished. Make sure that you share at least 1 post per day until the end of the ICO.

When the ICO has ended, we will analyse the contributions and distribute the coins accordingly. Those participants with the most shares and highest reach will receive the most rewards.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of our team members inside NomadCHAT

Happy Hunting !!

DN Community Media Campaign

If you are a journalist or blogger inside the nomad community world, please contact us to join the DN project and earn NomadCoins. All you have to do is publish an article about our project or promote it in any other way in your blog and we will reward you!

Please create your account and contact us at hello(at) we will get in touch to discuss your participation in our Project.

Join us in three steps

Earn free Nomad Coins by helping us spread the word.