Tokensale FAQ

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a model of crowdfunding that allows us to issue Digital Shares (Tokens) in exchange for investments. Each Token will entitle its holder to a % voting right inside the DAO.

The Early Investor Sale launches on Wednesday the 29th of November at 14:00 UTC.

The ICO launches on January the 17th at 14:00 UTC and will last for two months, ending on March the 31st at 22:00 UTC. Early investors will be given the opportunity to reserve tokens starting Wednesday the 29th of November 2017. See Early Investor Tokens

Our About section describes our Project in detail, but you can see more here:

You can buy directly inside Ethereum. During the ICO you will be able to purchase NomadCoins (DNX) with BTC or ETH (Minimum purchase amount 0.1 ETH)

During the ICO 200 DNX = 0.1 ETH. The minimum purchase amount for all types of payments is 200 DNX.

The earlier you invest, the higher bonus you will receive on your investment

  • Day 1 – 25% token bonus;
  • Day 2-7 – 20% token bonus;
  • Week 2 – 15% token bonus;
  • Week 3 – 10% token bonus;
  • Week 4 – 5% token bonus;
  • Week 5 – 0% token bonus.

The bonus will be immediately added to the number of tokens you receive as a result of your investment. The total investment will be visible on your balance.

We won't be providing any bulk discounts. We have decided to stick with weekly bonuses for early investors.

Please follow our instructions Early Investors for more information.

The only Nomad tokens in circulation will be the ones created during the token creation Phase.

In order to make sure that your Tokens remain safe, we encourage investors to use the two-factor authentication (2FA). If you have lost access to your account, there is an option to change the account password. Please make sure to include and confirm your phone number in the Settings to be eligible for password reset. Once the ICO is over, each investor will be able to send Nomad Tokens to private ETH wallets.

You will need to sign up for an account in order to participate in the Nomad Crowdfunding. To register an account, go to Account Registration.

Due to the nature of the business and differences between the investment goals we can achieve, the ROI may vary. For now, you can take a look at our business model where we have analysed the perspectives of our approach in comparison to several major banks. This will help you understand the vision of our operations, while the actual profitability of the business will depend on the number and types of services we will have at our disposal as a result of the ICO.

Visit our Tokensale Bounty page for more info here - Tokensale Bounties

Each Nomad Token (DNX) can be split down to 8 decimal points, with 0.00000001 DNX being the smallest fraction.

Yes, we do. Please send your proposal to and we will make sure to reach out to you by the end of the ICO if there is an opportunity for cooperation.

We believe that cooperation with Organisations, including Blockchain businesses is key to establishing a solid source of income on a market almost free of competition. This, however, does not mean that we will be less strict with our due diligence. We will welcome only those businesses that will be ready to cooperate with us on compliance procedures, including thorough audit.

Yes, a Nomad Token (DNX) is ERC20 compliant and as such can be stored on Ethereum wallets which support this protocol, such as the wallet offered on CryptoNe, MyEtherWallet and Mist.

Based on our market research, we have estimated the maximum amount of investments we would be ready to accept. In order to correlate our liabilities with possible spendings on R&D and operations, we are keen to minimising the "floating balance" which we wouldn't be able to use, but for which we would be paying dividends. During the ICO a maximum of 200,000,000 DNX is available.

After the ICO the token will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Besides trading, each holder of NomadCoins will use the currency to interact with the system, the services of the Digital Nomads, Services Providers and other users of the system.

No! Please don’t do it unless you want that exchange to receive your Tokens.

Yes, this is necessary or you won’t be shown as a backer and your pledge won’t be counted in the campaign progress. Though you’ll still will get NomadCoins, please don’t do it without registration.

We expect it to happen 2 - 4 weeks after the ICO has been finalised. We have some agreements with the leading exchanges, but exact information will be given later. We won’t apply to the compromised exchanges or exchanges that have a bad reputation.

The price of NomadCoins during ICO is 1 ETH = 2000 DNX.

We are in the process of incorporating inside Zug, Switzerland, and should be finalised soon.

The goal is 10 000 ETH and cap is 20 000 ETH.

The price of NomadCoins during the ICO sale is 1 ETH = 4 000 DNX

The price of NomadCoins during ICO Sale is 1 ETH = 2 000 DNX

The ICO crowdsale cap is 140 000 000 NomadCoins.

140,000,000 NomadCoins will be sold during the ICO

No, we have not implemented any whitelisting process for the ICO.Everyone is free to contribute.

Any amount raised will be considered as successful. Our ICO campaign is being launched as a Safe campaign. Meaning that if the goal is not reached and not all the tokens are sold during the ICO period, then unsold tokens will be destroyed and platform will be launched