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The Nomad Community is the world’s first Digital Nomad platform that is built inside the Ethereum Blockchain.

We have created a decentralised fully autonomous platform for the remote worker community. Building an economy that will disrupt an industry that is growing at a tremendous rate. We are providing a robust network on top of the Ethereum blockchain that lets everyone utilise the services and at the same time share in the growth of the underlying currency and economic model.


Inside our platform you will find everything you need to live and work as a Digital Nomad or Remote Worker. Our platform is underpinned by our Digital Currency: The NomadCoin (DNX). All the financial transactions on this platform are maintained on the blockchain and therefore safe and transparent for everyone.

A decentralised global ledger combined with a digital coin that’s required to use the ledger aligns incentives and creates intense product engagement. Our Network becomes more useful as more users join and demand for the token increases as a result which increases the value of the ownership stake for users.

To break down DNX coins, they too are multi-faceted in the sense they represent 4 primary things; property, utility, income/rewards and fungibility.

  • Property: DNX are an expression of IP inside a programmable token. The IP DNX represent is derived from the content and services provided inside the network.
  • Utility: DNX is also a utility token in the sense that you need DNX to operate many of the services inside the ecosystem. Additionally, when Ethereum’s protocol is upgraded to allow for coins to be the gas that pushes transactions through the network, the DNX coin will achieve absolute utility and greater value.
  • Income/Rewards: DNX manage the flow of income and rewards generated through consumption and participation in the ecosystem that are distributed to coin holders.
  • Fungibility:The most known and understood attribute of DNX, is that they are fungible.

About our Founder

Graeme Conradie is an adventurous individual with a penchant for exploring opportunities in multicultural and cross continental locations across the globe. He is also a startup enthusiast with a craze for technology and online businesses.

His interests in technology started in his early childhood, when his father who had the opportunity to work in the weapons defense industry in South Africa, was privy to gain access to advanced equipment not available to the public. His father often brought home non-functioning equipment which Graeme usually played with and eventually, brought home one of the first generation of computers. Graeme could not help but develop an instant love for computers, thus, beginning his journey into the world of technology.

Graeme experienced an extremely challenging situation which forced him to begin a quest into discovering more meaning to life and purpose, and as a result, in the past 6 years, he has consistently maintained a high level of success in his professional development. Testament to this is his track record of achievements replete with business growth such as starting up 12 different technology based companies in 12 months.

His esteemed enterprising aptitude, the dedication to translate theoretical knowledge to the practical level, the zeal to keep abreast with the contemporary developments in the technology sector and the proclivity to develop professionally are his greatest strengths. His constant study into advanced technological trends has always kept him affront in the industry.

Some of his professional accomplishments include the setting up of the new Constitutional Court of South Africa’s systems, and trained reputable Judges including Arthur Chaskalson, Kate O’Reagan, Pius Langa, Sachs, Goldstone and the other members of the bench.

Graeme was also a part of the team that started Business Connexion in partnership with Ben and Isaac Mophatlane. The success of this enterprise resulted in a repeat working relationship with Microsoft on several technology based projects.

Graeme has carved a lifestyle for himself with his becoming a digital nomad. His chain of internet based startups has availed him the opportunity to travel the world, connect with interesting cultures and people, and vis-a- vis developing his interpersonal and social networking skills.

His lifelong focus inside the tech industry has often given him insights on what was to come, and he has correctly made many accurate predictions. His resources were moved to the AWS cloud, long before anyone knew what the cloud was. And he was also one of the first to venture into the tenets of CryptoCurrency.

Sequel to this is him establishing some outstanding startups like Currency Projects, CryptoNet, the DNX Community and other networking platforms which have become relevant in the Global CryptoCurrency Community.

When he is not working, Graeme enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures, food, exotic wine, and often relishes outdoors.

You can see more about him:

Graeme has been active inside the CryptoCurrency space since 2012, he runs two prominent CryptoCurrency Groups inside LinkedIn:

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